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     You and I have shared numerous stories,  ideas and thoughts about the steel and been friends for so long I don't need to repeat in detail my feelings about you as a person and your playing abilities,  nor compare your tone or other aspects to other players.
     Simply put,  you are a rarity among people,  a kind and gentle man who has solved the enigma that playing the steel guitar and playing music are two separate entities,  requiring a fusing of the emotional part of the brain with the conscious in order to play sounds that connects with listeners.  That's what real music is.  In essence Joe,  you have become an artist,  one who deserves a web site such as this one.
                                                                                  Lloyd Green
                                                                                  Madison, TN


         Good job Joe and what a pleasure listening to your presentation. You played your Steel Guitar the way a Steel should be played. Great tone and great execution!
Looking forward to seeing you and Brenda at the next show.
                                                                                  Your Friend,
                                                                                  Billy Robinson
                                                                                  Gallatin, TN
        Just want to say! I love your backing tracks. You make the middle of the road steel players like me sound like the pros. I have a couple of your backing track CDs. Your arraignments on the CDs are perfect for steel guitar. And they are the best that have come along since I’ve been playing steel. I have ordered SG-7 and very anxious to play along with it. And Joe, I regret I didn’t get to meet you in St. Louis. looking forward for the next opportunity. Keep up the good work on the CDs tracks.   You are a very talented musician.
                                                                              Terry Wisdom
                                                                              Crestwood, KY
       I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you. But most of all I want to thank you for being my dads best friend! (HARLEY FORD SR.) I can see him smiling now and saying I told you Joe was the best in the world.  Also thanks for still being a part of my family (even though you are Mr. international) just kidding!  I am just honored that you are still humble enough to still come play music with me.
     We all love you and your family,
                                                                             Harley Ford Jr. and Family.
                                                                             Laurens, SC


         I have known Joe Turner for about 20 years now.  I first met him and heard him play at the Saluda, SC show which I also play most every time.  Joe has become one of my favorite players for several reasons.  What I listen for in a steel player is:  tone,  feeling & soul,  taste and originality.  Joe possesses all of these qualities.  I have heard him play many times over the years and commented to other musicians many times when he would be playing that he had a better tone than some of the top name players,  and I won't mention any names.  Anyhow,  on top of this,  Joe has become a good friend over the years that has meant a lot.
     Also,  I might add that I was one of the judges in the Steel Idol contest.  Now, nothing against the other 3 contestants as they all did a good job,  but Joe was in a class all his own.
                                                                                 Herby Wallace
                                                                                 Sevierville, TN


         I have known Joe for a very long time…better than 20 years! And in that time I’ve seen him mature not only as a person but also as a musician in his musical style and taste. His mastery of touch and tone on the pedal steel guitar has made him one of the “favorites” at any steel guitar show he chooses to play. I know when I go to a show and find out that Joe’s on the player’s list I find out what time he’s playing so I can make sure I have a good seat.
    I too am proud to call him my friend for many years and one of my “favorite” steel players.        Keep on pickin’
                                                                                Tommy Dodd
                                                                                Acworth, GA


           Joe not only makes great tracks, which I practice with all the time, but he also takes a back seat to NO-ONE when it comes to playing steel, on those tracks or anywhere of my very favorite human beings.
                                                                                Russ Hicks
                                                                                Pegram, TN


          Enough can't be said about Joe Turner. I have known Joe for some 20 years. For a large part of that time, it was really hard to get Joe to play for an audience. He was soooo nervous. But just a few years ago, Joe came out of his shell with a vengeance.
Joe is a very creative and proficient player. I am proud to call him my friend.
   Now, if Joe would just send me some of his millions, I could retire too.
                                                                               Bill Ferguson
                                                                               Norcross, GA


         Congratulations Joe!! It was really hard to be Paula especially with the other two judges - Yikes! You played great in the contest and made me cry on your set. One memories of Don will be with me "Until the Rivers Run Dry". By the way, thank you so much for the CD. I appreciate the autographs inside. Love the website design and dedication. I'm sure Don is saying, awe you didn't have to do that. Appreciate it though!
                                                                                 Miss Lana
                                                                                 St. Louis, Missouri


         Congratulation to you Joe for winning the Steel Guitar American  Idol contest. You did good and should be proud of your playing.  
 I know I am!
                                                                              St. Louis, Missouri
                                                                 International Steel Guitar Convention

         You know, there's not a lot of players in this world that can play straight from their heart , like Jimmy Day and Don Helms and Roy Wiggins. Joe has that God given talent to do that. It really doesn't matter what song he plays, it'll put a lump in your throat. Joe is truly a Pro.
                                                                                Buck Grantham
                                                                                Denham Springs, LA.


         Joe, you did your thing ! Congratulations are certainly in order....and your lovely bride, Brenda right there with we were. You are a PRO !!
                                                                                 Ron & Leslie Elliott
                                                                                 Madison, Tennessee


        What a honor it was to meet Joe Turner and His lovely wife. I've never heard better tone from a player, instrument, and system. Joe's execution and style is exactly what I would play If only I could!! But I can't! Pickin with you Joe was a highlight for me. Hope to do it again soon.
                                                                                 Lonnie Portwood
                                                                                 Jacksonville, FL


         Joe, You did a great job my friend. Thanks for letting me see the Gretsch. She's a keeper. Send me a picture.  Thanks again. My best to your and yours.
                                                                                   Bobby Caldwell      
                                                                                  St. Louis, Missouri  


         Congrats Joe. Well deserved you are a great player with great tone and feel for the steel guitar. I really enjoyed your set and I hope I get to work with you again soon.
                                                                                      Roy Rosetta
                                                                                      Nederland, TX


         My heartiest congratulations Mr. Joe...
You presented your show, and your Marlen in your own way, and with your own style, a great show, and a job worthy of recognition. I'm very glad for you. And I know Miss Brenda is also happy for you. Thank you for the visiting, and the great music. See you soon in Saluda

                                                                                   Rob Parker
                                                                                   Paducah, KY


         Congratulations Joe at 2008 ISGC, I not only listen and watch you on stage, but watch and listen to what the people around me were saying about your playing, tone, smoothness, and some saying "Where has this guy been!" You really made a impression on the audience and me.
Joe has that God given talent.
    I have all of Joe's Sound Tracks and I even use them on keyboard, they are great.
    And if you want to hear some of the best Thumb Pickin in the world, get him to get his beautiful Orange Gretsch out and render you a little something.
                                                                                       Danny Hammers
                                                                                       Floral City, FL


         Winner of Steel Idol Competition at ISGC in St Louis. I am proud to call him my friend, a regular at the Southern Steel Guitar Convention in Saluda SC. Always a smile, and a "how are you". Other than a super player, one thing stands out in my mind about Joe Turner, the late and great John Hughey was one of Joe's many fans.  Congratulations Joe, we love you man!!!!!!!
                                                                                      Bill Ford
                                                                                      Graniteville, SC


         It's my pleasure to call Joe and Brenda friends. But when you hear Joe play, regardless of the genre, Joe will bring you to your feet with gratitude. A recognition very well deserved.
                                                                                      Bob Strum
                                                                                      Seneca, SC


         Congrad. Joe - You make us proud here in North & South Carolina.
(Steel Idol contest at ISGC hosted by Russ Hicks)
                                                                                        Glen E. Lanning
 La Grange, North Carolina


         Congrats to my Buddy Joe Turner!!!.Have been listening to his super picking for quite some time and the tone he gets out of his Marlen is what most are searching for.
                                                                                Vernon Hester


         No surprise to us MASGA members! Congrats Joe!
                                                                                  Clyde Mattocks
                                                                                  Kinston, North Carolina


           Man what a steel player!! I enjoyed jamming with you the other night. It was a thrill to play 10% or so of the notes you played; but exciting for me. Thanks for sharing your great talent at my studio.
Gerald Douglas
Laurens, South Carolina


         Joe, Your kind friendship has meant a lot to me over the years as well as with your family.
     Our times in the studio are some of my best memories with you taking the time out to show me those little simple things. The most memorable was chatting about Lloyd Green coming to your studio and playing at Saluda. It came to fruition WOW. Not many know the story on that but it was a great event that I will always cherish. Your style, tone and delivery on the instrument is 1st class and second to none.
     Congrats on the web site and look forward to hearing more of you in the future.
                                                                                 Charley Hill
                                                                                 Baghdad, Iraq
                                                                                 Green Zone



      Joe is a multi talented guy.
I like having Joe Turner, Ben Hall and the great Bob Saxton with Buster B. Jones and Thom Bresh come by "Steel Guitar Nashville" to play music with me, I love the thumb style guitar these GREAT players play. Great guys and great players.
                                                                               Bobbe Seymour
                                                                               Hendersonville, Tennessee
 Steel Guitar Nashville




           I just got the backing tracks I ordered from Joe Turner in Starr S.C. and they are fantastic. They are much better than BIAB.  he's the best there is. They sound like maybe a high dollar elec piano w/ all the inst. If it is he knows what goes where. Very very well done. And he can pick some too!
He has 6 CD's with 10/15 songs on them. At just over a buck per song; I don't have the time to make my own. You won't be disappointed.  Tell him I sent you!
You can here some of Joe's work on some Arnett Mills offerings. Here's one... 

Greg Wisecup
Troy, OH



       Met Joe a few years ago. Only took a few minutes to know he is a master of the steel guitar. He is a good man, easy to talk to, very helpful attitude. Makes excellent tracks, I use them very much. Glad I got to meet and know him.

Ray B. Thomas
Goldsboro NC






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