On A Personal Note


Brenda and Joe Turner
The Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame in the background




This was a great honor for me to win Steel Guitar American Idol at
the International Steel Guitar Convention 2008
but I was nervous as a cat
The song I played  was
"Til The River Runs Dry" by  Don Williams
And I want to take this opportunity to
 Thank my beautiful and loving wife Brenda for all her support


I just retired Aug 2008, and my honey-do-list is growing
A friend of mine told me to throw away my watch, and get a calendar
But I'm looking forward to having a lot more time for music
and the Grandkids

Recordings List

1305 Mouchet Cir. 
  Starr, South Carolina
in Anderson County

100 miles Northwest
of Columbia, SC

100 miles Northeast
of Atlanta, GA


Joe Don
Two Old Friends of 38 years


Our Son
Kevin and wife Renee

      Colton         Renee            McKenzie           Kevin
Colton and McKenzie are twins


Our Daughter

Jenna            Melissa            Brensyn







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